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Training "Plant-based cooking basics"

This 19h training, accessible to all regardless of their cooking level* and diet, aims to transmit the basics of plant-based cooking so that everyone can be independent and creative at home.

She will transmit all the basic knowledge, techniques and know-how as well as tips from the experience of the chef who will supervise this training. Advice will be given to you throughout the training to allow you to compose healthy, gourmet and balanced meals.



*this training is aimed more at an amateur cooking public because it will transmit the basics of vegetable cooking.

Each lesson will address a specific topic from the following:


  • Vegetable cutting and cooking

  • Spreads, sauces, soups and purées

  • Starchy foods, cereals and basic pasta

  • Vegetable proteins and their cooking

  • Plant-based pastry


The last course will aim to put the students in a situation of autonomy so that they prepare a 100% plant-based menu using all the knowledge, techniques and know-how learned throughout the cycle. They will have the opportunity to invite their relatives for the tasting.



70€*/ 4h

per person


all inclusive



*60€ for

students/job seekers

Group lessons


per person


all inclusive



*350€ for

students/job seekers

6 lessons cycle
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